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Welcome to hm Life Coaching & Training.

We were inspired, in the beginning, to start hm Life Coaching & Training immediately after we discovered the power of the unconscious mind and how it works. We felt the need to educate others about same and how it can help people to improve their lives. We've been around for a good few years now and have grown to become one of Malaysia’s most popular and reliable sources of information on The Power of the Unconscious Mind.

Our Center uses hypnosis/hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, Past Life Regression Therapy, Spirit Releasement Therapy, Energy Medicine, Time Line Intervention & Healing Therapy, LBL Spiritual Regression Hypnotherapy and other similar tools to assist our clients with common emotional and health issues. We are highly skilled in working with self-improvement and habit control (such as cigarettes and weight loss). Our area of specialization however is within the areas of health, personal development and psychosomatic issues. We work extensively with conditions of Anxiety, Fear, Pain (such as chronic pain, migraines, etc.) …. and an array of health issues which respond to “MindBody” techniques. The mind has a fascinating capacity to improve these conditions and many others .

Few of us have been there in those “stuck” shoes looking into an uninspired future of experiencing the same old problem over and over again. Through the trance state induced through hypnosis you can be assisted into seeing a more, positive and energetic world. Learn what our clients have learned: that changing your perception can change your life!

There are a variety of therapeutic intervention techniques. The approach we choose depends on what you want to accomplish as well as your personal preferences. During the initial consultation we will discuss and make recommendations regarding the best technique for your particular situation.

In addition to providing therapy, hm Life Coaching & Training is one of the leading training center for the above therapeutic modalities in South East Asia. Currently, the center serves as the only affiliated training center for GHSC/GHR of UK in Malaysia.

The trainings conducted by our center are recognized and accepted by:

a)Malaysia Society for Complementary Therapies (MSCT), Malaysia;

b)General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR), United Kingdom; and

c) International Holistic and Natural Medicine Association (IHNMA), USA....

This site describes many ways that the mind and emotions dynamically impact health and well-being. For those not familiar with this field, some of the information may seem incredible. We urge you to look more closely. The information here will direct you to research and information about hypnosis and “MindBody ” techniques from highly respected sources. We encourage you to explore this information.

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