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Stories of Personal Transformation is published in October 2009

Have you ever wondered where we all go when we die? No one has yet been able to discover where our soul or spirit resides in the cycle of birth and rebirth, and that the soul will inhabit many bodies in its quest for progress and perfection.

The between-lives state, which we call "Soul Home" may be accessed through deep hypnosis and clients can find the answer to what may be life-changing questions.

Dr Michael Newton (, a pioneer in this field, has devoted almost 40 years of his career as hypnotherapist to researching the between lives state, building a picture of the spirit world whilst working with over 7000 clients. Using this methodology, The Michael Newton Institute now concentrates on training qualified hypnotherapists worldwide.

The long awaited fourth book, compiled and edited by Dr Newton, includes 32 fascinating and informative case studies of lives that have been transformed by LBL spiritual regressions. Members of the Newton Institute have submitted their most intriguing case studies for publication. The book can be pre-ordered from Amazon online (USA) or Amazon UK bookshops. It will also be available soon from all good bookstores.

Dr. Teoh HM PhD is one of the 32 certified international LBL practitioner of the Newton Institute who has contributed 1 case study in this fascinating and thought provoking book. Read to find out more!

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